4 Signs You May Have an Alcohol Addiction Relapse

There are millions of alcoholics who have worked to overcome their addiction. The key to staying sober and to avoid falling off the wagon is to know some of the common signs. The ability to recognize specific warnings that could indicate an addiction relapse may be helpful. 

Sign #1: Thinking about alcohol

If you suddenly can't stop thinking about having an alcoholic beverage, you could be in trouble. This may be even more difficult during the stressful times of life and it may simply be too easy to give into a drink.

Being unable to get your focus away from drinking is a sign that you may need to seek additional support from alcohol rehab groups.

Sign #2: You start frequenting bars

When you find yourself going to places that serve alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, this is a potential indication that you may relapse. Even if you're just sitting at a table and not visiting the bar, this is still a danger zone that you should avoid.

Sign #3:  You start feeling depressed

Life can be difficult, and the challenges that accompany it may simply be too much for you to handle sober. If you begin to lose interest in doing certain things and avoid getting out of the house, you may turn to alcohol to console you.

It's a good idea to talk to your medical provider about an anti-depressant rather than trying to escape with alcohol when you feel that life is simply becoming too much to bear.

Sign #4: You begin hanging with the wrong crowd

If you find yourself going places or spending time with friends or family you used to drink with, this could cause you to relapse. It's best to avoid people who do drink on a regular basis as much as possible because it's likely to be too much of a temptation for you.

A better the idea is to spend time with people who don't drink and who don't try to pressure you to do so either.

The benefits of staying sober fare numerous, and you're sure to get more out of life without being addicted to alcohol. Take the time to develop some self-help techniques that will allow you to get through the more challenging times and can be helpful for you to avoid a relapse in the future. For help, talk to a rehab center like Pacific Ridge.

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