How A Temp Agency Can Help You Jumpstart Your Career

If you have been searching for a job after completing some adult education classes and improving your resume, instead of trudging along on your own, consider working with a temp agency. Here are a few ways that working with a temp agency can jumpstart your career path and help you take advantage the skills you learned in your adult education classes:

#1 A Temp Agency Will Look Beyond Your Resume

One of the biggest advantages of a temp agency is that they are going to take the time to look beyond your resume. Once you apply with a temp agency, they will generally follow up with you and have you come in for an information interview. They will use this information interview to get beyond your resume and really learn about your job experience, skill set and professional goals.

They will try to really get a feel for the type of job that you picture yourself doing, as well as the type of job that they feel you are capable of doing. They will not try to fit you in a box for a single position, instead they will try to look at the bigger picture and try to figure out what will really work for you and your skill set.

Often times, employment agencies will share your resume with the companies that they are recruiting for. Since temp agencies look at thousands of resumes over the course of a year, they know what to look for and what to leave out. After your information interview, the temp agency you interviewed with may provide you with suggestions on how to improve your resume.

#2 A Temp Agency Will Connect You With Unadvertised Opportunities

Next, a temp agency will be able to connect you with opportunities and companies that you would not have been able to access on your own. Many companies that employ temp agencies to fill temporary or permanent positions within their company do not do any kind of outside search for candidates. You will not see the job posted anywhere else. They rely on the temp company they hired to provide them with candidates to interview and hire.

Many individuals wrongly assume that temp agencies only hire temporary workers. However, many temp agencies hire workers for positions that can turn from temporary work to permanent work. Some agencies even fill permanent positions outright.

#3 A Temp Agency Will Help You Expand Your Skill Set

Finally, you will be working with a specific agent or team of agents, who will try to find you jobs that match your skill set and your goals. You will be able to expand your skill set and increase your level of experience on skills you already posses. If you have specific skills you want to increase or develop, you can let the agent you work with know about your desires and goals, and they may be able to match you up with a job that will help you increase and develop specific areas of your skill set. You will be able to get real world experience to complement the knowledge you learned in your adult education classes.

If you have been looking for a job for a while after continuing your education, don't discount working with a temp agency. They will take the time to personally get to know you and they will provide you with valuable resume feedback. They will be able to connect you with un-advertised opportunities and will help you increase your work experience and potentially expand your skill set.

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