How To Improve Your Memory

Whether you are a college student that's constantly forgetting appointments, even if you have them written down in your planner, or a person who is growing older and worrying about fading memory, you are going to want to bolster your ability to recall details, events, and facts as much as possible. Here are some easy ways to improve your memory and make sure that you are able to clearly remember your life.

1. Use Your Memory

You are able to improve your mind's ability to recall information by simply using it on a more regular basis. Go online and play games that require you to rely on memory to solve puzzles, fill in blanks, and generally flex the memory muscle. You can even find applications for your phone that will allow you to track your progress and see how much memory training you are truly doing. After a few months of working with your memory more regularly, you should start to see improvement. This will help give you the motivation you need to keep up your regimen.

2. Eat the Right Foods

Don't eat a lot of processed sugars and carbohydrates because they are going to require a lot of your body's energy to break them down and store them for later. Eating more vegetables will divert less energy from the brain to digestion. This means that your brain will have the energy to remember more things than it would otherwise be able to retain if it were using energy for digestion. Vegetables and fruits also have nutrients that stimulate overall brain growth and make it easier to remember things.

3. Don't Multitask

Many people claim to be good at multitasking, but at best only 10% are good at it. If you try to do many activities at once, you are going to get worse performance in each activity as your brain divides its energy. If you are in class or working on brain training while simultaneously answering your email, you are not going to be very successful because your brain has to split its attention and energy. Your memory is going to suffer from that split. By making sure that you give each activity that you do your full attention, you are going to improve the chances that you remember meetings, important facts, and simple details about your day, improving your overall life experience.

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